Complete the basic content related to the product, launch the official website and product demo, and start community operations. Users access MT WORLD to become digital citizens, experience various games, social networking and other content to earn income, and can own their own land, online collaborative creation to obtain more income.


More creative masters to support users to create content to make money. Users create a multiverse on their own land based on MOD templates, manage and upgrade the land, expand their scope of influence, and realize cash through various income agreements such as tickets and advertisements.


More large-scale multiverse cooperation will settle in, and users can issue their own tokens on their own land. Support community users to invest through staking, trading, and liquidity mining to earn more tokens, while participating in DAO governance to jointly develop and promote the MT WORLD ecosystem.


Through AR/VR equipment to connect with the real world, connect the real atomic world with the virtual digital world, players can get a real game experience! More content building. Open the XR multiverse.