MT WORLD is committed to creating a decentralized multiverse driven by UGC, Connect & Create to Earn.
We hope to change the tradition, bring about a new revolution, and build an ecology with real sustainable value.
Users access MT WORLD and get an ID Pass to settle in, and then they can have their own Avatar digital person and become a digital citizen. Buy equipment for your Avatar, and determine your appearance, luck and other attributes in each field. Gain benefits through a series of interactive and active behaviors such as creating, experiencing various games or social content, inviting users, and participating in staking mining.
It is very simple to create in MT WORLD, combining voxel and 3A art styles, so that every digital citizen can participate in creating the content works they want. Obtain the template master NFT from the NFT market of MT WORLD, and MOD based on the master, so that you can quickly generate content for your own multiverse without coding. The first batch of masters for digital citizen UGC includes classic games, trendy games, social media and other content. It also supports real-time online connection and collaborative creation. Multiple people can create a beautiful new world at the same time, and the creation revenue is more efficient.
Digital human characters, equipment, buildings, animals, props, artworks, etc. created by users can be freely traded in the NFT market of MT WORLD. The author can truly own the ownership of the content he creates and promote his works, which can liberate the productivity and greatly increase the value of the works. And we will also provide tokens ($MTC and $MTW) to incentivize creation.
Buy land to become a lord, build your own territory, place content, connect sub-universes, and set prices for other players to experience, lords have a more efficient return curve than ordinary users. Land is one of the core assets. With the increase of content scale, number of people, contribution, pledge, etc., after meeting certain conditions, you can also issue your own FT and trade on the built-in exchange, or even trade on external exchanges after reaching higher conditions.
MT WORLD defines the universe access standard protocol. We call the connection method Connector, which can connect to various blockchain projects to become our sub-universe or brother universe, and form the exchange and market of FT and NFT in each universe . At present, there are many excellent projects such as "One Piece", a mysterious space opera, IP doujin, etc. that have reached a sub-universe connection and cooperation with us.
MT WORLD's FT exchange adopts an Orderbook-style DEX + a boosting mechanism similar to Curve. Users provide liquidity for their own FT or other trading pair pools, and receive a share of transaction fees and platform revenue.
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