LAND Tokenomics

  • lA total of 178,438LANDs, each LAND 64x64x256 meters.
  • 124,906 LANDs (70%) for sale, 3 rounds of pre-sale and public sale.
  • 35,687 LANDs (20%) are used for platform ecological construction.
  • 17,845 LANDs (10%) are held by MT WORLD for events.
  • The pre-sale of LAND has a short duration, the public sale time is not limited, and multiple batches are sold in limited quantities until all the LANDs are sold out.
  • The first pre-sale discount is the largest, and the next round of discounts decrease in turn, and there is no discount for the public sale.
  • Land pre-sale is priced in USD and sold in $BUSD.
  • For specific details, please pay attention to each round of sales activities.