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Other income


The platform establishes a list of new and active contributions based on likes, invitations, and cumulative task completion. The platform reserves a certain amount of governance main currency $MTW (the specific amount is determined by the platform's algorithm) according to the income situation as a special reward pool. To top users with special contributions

Blind box

Blind boxes hide unknown surprises. It can be opened by consuming a certain amount of tokens, which may produce $MTW, $MTC, character equipment, rare collectibles or anything. The quantity and quality are related to the player's own luck value.


In MT WORLD, digital citizens can choose to directly sell NFTs such as equipment, self-created assets and multiverses in the market to obtain tokens at the set price. You can also choose the share sale mode. When the player uses the share sale, the digital citizens who create the asset will also receive corresponding benefits.

Rental equipment

In MT WORLD, digital citizens can choose to directly rent equipment NFTs in the market to obtain tokens at the set price.

Creation Fund

In the first phase of MT WORLD, we encourage digital citizens to create more high-quality assets and multiverse content to help the development of MT WORLD, and every digital citizen who makes excellent creations can get benefits.

Creative challenge

In the first stage of MT WORLD, there will be regular creation challenges. Digital citizens can choose their own assets and multiverses to participate in the competition. The world mining pool will provide digital citizens with a large amount of $MTW according to the number of likes their works get. income.


In MT WORLD, players can post bounties for in-demand assets and multiverses, and digital citizens can select and complete the creation of the corresponding bounty, and then they can win the bonus provided by the bounty publisher.


Players can find their favorite multiverse in MT WORLD and complete the challenges issued by the lords, such as killing evil monsters, winning the first place in the racing competition, becoming the last survivor, etc., to win the bonus provided by the lords. .

Land for sale

In MT WORLD, lords as land owners can choose to sell their land to other players for $MTW for the set price.

Land lease

In MT WORLD, lords as landowners can choose to rent out their land to other players, regularly earning $MTW for the set price.


In MT WORLD, lords can set tickets for their own lands or connected game universes, and players need to pay corresponding fees to provide benefits to the lords.

Liquidity mining

You can choose a liquidity pool in the exchange to stake the corresponding tokens, and you will get a certain share of $MTW from the mining pool as revenue. The higher the amount you stake, the higher the income you can get. Note that liquidity mining has the risk of unpaid losses.


At first, only small universes can be connected to the lord's land. With the increase in the content scale, number of players, contributions, pledges, etc. in the land, the lords who reach the corresponding conditions can also upgrade the small universe to a sub-universe or sub-universe. Lords who own sub-universes and sub-universes can mint and issue their own exclusive currency to gain profits. Lords can set the role of exclusive currency, such as purchasing items in the game universe, strengthening data, obtaining additional content, etc. The difference is that the currency minted by the sub-universe lords can only be traded on the MT WORLD exchange, while the sub-universe lords can also be traded on other exchanges