Open up the revenue contract of digital asset swap in the multi-sub universe, and some cores are similar to DEX.
Transactions in the Vault will be charged a handling fee of 0.1% of the transaction amount. If you hold $MTW, you can choose to use $MTW to deduct the transaction fee and enjoy a 25% discount (temporary). The entire transaction is decentralized, and the tokens traded do not pass through anyone's hands.
Staking are a way for us to reward digital citizens for having a long term mindset and locking up their $MTW tokens. By pledging your $MTW tokens, you will be able to receive $MTW rewards when you lock your tokens through staking. In the future, pledging $MTW will provide you with DAO voting and voice rights.
Liquidity mining
Players can stake their tokens to liquidity pools for liquidity mining to get token rewards. Staking $MTW for liquidity mining can get higher returns. Liquidity mining may incur free losses.
The referrer gets a profit from the referee's consumption, and 7% of the 4.25% platform fee charged by the platform will be given to the referrer. 50% of the handling fee will be allocated to the world mining pool as a reward for token holders who staking $MTW tokens, and the remaining 50% will be allocated to the "Foundation". The foundation will provide creators of high-quality content and games with $MTW as an incentive to build a multiverse with a good ecology.
Private mining pool
When certain conditions are met (higher requirements for land scale, number of people, contribution, pledge, etc.), TinyVerse can apply to be upgraded to a sub-universe. The default limit of the sub-universe fan group is 128. The sub-universe can issue FT by itself. The lord can pledge his minted currency and governance token $MTW to the private mining pool to create a liquidity mining pool. The TVL of a single pool must reach more than 5000u. The sub-universe can be upgraded to a sub-universe when a higher condition is reached, and the issued NFT or FT can be freely traded outside MT WORLD.
Last modified 9mo ago