Rental system

Equipment Rental Rule:
1. The lessor sets the lease price in $MTC quantities throughout the lease term, and the lessee needs to prepay the total price in $MTC.
2. The rental countdown will begin once the equipment has entered into a valid rental agreement.
3. The lessor may change the rental price at any time, but the change will only take effect upon the termination of all existing rental agreements.
4. The lessor will have an estimated income for reference when preparing to rent equipment. (Estimated Income = Lease Days x Daily $MTC Income)
5. You can cancel the "rental" status of equipment and retrieve it from the rental market at any time. However, if the equipment is currently rented by someone, the equipment will only be returned at the end of the current rental agreement.
6. For rental equipment, the energy points consumed in the last 24 hours of the rental agreement will no longer be restored. But when the equipment is returned to the owner, it will be fully charged.
7. Anyone who transfers equipment by directly interacting with the contract will not affect their active lease agreement, but the "rental" status will be removed and the equipment will be returned to the new owner at the end of the existing lease agreement.
8. A person currently renting equipment can extend the lease until the lease expires, provided that the equipment is leased, the existing lease agreement for the equipment has not ended, and the equipment is in "rental" status. The person renting the gear can then extend the rental agreement for a set number of days and prices by paying $MTC for a new extended period of time.
9. The renewal durability compensation function ensures that the acquired durability is consistent with the actual rental days. If the contract is renewed within the last 24 hours of the contract, the amount of time will be supplemented. The supplementary time will be based on the time you received in the last 24 hours. about time. If the mission is immediately accepted within the last 24 hours, and the remaining 10 hours to renew the contract, then 14 hours of durability recovery will be added. If it is, then only add 1 hour of durability, and then slowly restore the durability for the remaining 3 hours.
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