Buy LAND Advantage Now

Buying LAND allows you to build a Metaverse that you fully own and control!
The first batch of users can buy LAND at the best price, with discounts only during the pre-sale period, and the first pre-sale discount is up to 40%! There will no longer be any discounts for the public sale. LANDs are NFTs that are limited in quantity and in high demand, and their prices will increase over time, so buying early is always a better option.
Owning a LAND allows you to be one of the first to earn money by providing content experiences in MT WORLD, a first mover before there's a lot of competition. The first batch of creators will create a groundbreaking Multi-verse experience on the platform and become the first users to have the opportunity to issue their own tokens. You should not miss out on buying this very easy to earn digital asset!
In short, having LAND makes you the first to:
  • Get the ideal location from the MT WORLD limited LAND.
  • Create a Multi-verse or rent LAND for a return on investment.
  • Get a chance to earn rewards for participating in "Connect To Earn" for free.
  • Build your own home and hold marketing events on your LAND.
  • Become part of the MT WORLD DAO.
And best of all: you can earn the most from your LAND-created content for the lowest price!
Own a LAND now and get rich! There will be more LAND monetization opportunities in the future, and it is recommended that you join the MT WORLD community and keep an eye on development news.