NFT refers to non-fungible tokens, and each NFT is unique, indivisible and irreplaceable. MT WORLD uses NFT to prove the unique ownership of digital assets and protect the rights and interests of players and creators.
The plots, modules, characters, equipment, works, buildings, props, animals, toolkit collections, artworks, blind boxes, music sound effects, special effects, screenshots and videos in MT WORLD can all be NFT, which is different from traditional Centralized assets may be closed due to account closure or service suspension, and players are no longer the owners of their digital assets. All assets in MT WORLD can be confirmed and traded without loss.
  • Divided forever. User-created content IP authorization is NFTized, and the smart contract records the authorizer, and the authorizer enjoys the transaction share, and the number of times is unlimited.
  • Value surges. Creators, holders, IP brokers, multi-level derivative authorizations, bundling and other parties will work together to achieve a win-win situation, making the value model richer and more vivid.
  • Derived fork. The authorized NFT can be derived and forked, the derivation relationship is on the chain, the number of derivations and the number of reproductions are limited to ensure scarcity without affecting its own value.
Last modified 9mo ago