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Staking income

Users can share most of the platform's revenue by staking..

Staking rules

Stakeholders can lock in their $MTW tokens in the DAO. The locked-in $MTW tokens will be named Vemtw Stakeholders can choose a lock-in period of up to 4 years, followed by 2 years, 1 year and 1 month. If the lock-up period is 4 years, the $MTW:Vemtw ratio is 1:1, i.e. 1 $MTW token can be exchanged for 1 Vemtw; if the lock-up period is 2 years, the $MTW:Vemtw ratio is 1:0.5; and so on for the rest. Weekly Settlement: Digital Citizens holding Vemtw will receive weekly dividends from the platform. The exact amount of dividends will be determined by the number of Vemtws held by Digital Citizens and the platform revenue for that week. If Digital Citizen A owns 10,000 $MTW tokens and has them all locked up in the DAO for 4 years, he will receive 10,000 Vemtw. e.g. "In the past week, all locked up Digital Citizens held a total of 100,000 Vemtw and the liquidity pool ensured revenue of 1,000 BNB and 10,000 $MTW. A's bonus is proportional to his share of the total Vemtw, so his bonus for the week is 1,00 BNB and $1,000 mtw."
  • 10,000 / 100,000x (1,000 BNB + 10,000$MTW) = 100 BNB + 1,000 $ mtw.

Community governance

When the community governance feature goes live, it will enable digital citizens to determine community rules with voting power proportional to the amount of Vemtw they hold. To help users better understand the total amount of available dividends and their share, key data will be displayed on the DAO Community Governance page.