LAND uses

  • Create To Earn. Build anything you can imagine on LAND, host tournaments and events, create games, social experiences, and turn them into Multi-verses for other players to experience and earn.
  • Connect To Earn. LAND owners have the opportunity to receive rewards for participating in "Connect To Earn" for free. Please pay attention to the description of each reward activity.
  • Stake. Staking $MTW to get more passive rewards, the amount of LAND you own will increase the amount of $MTW you get from liquidity mining.
  • Editing of LAND information. You can edit the name, profile, icon and preview of the owned LAND, which will be displayed in the MT WORLD Metaverse. ESTATE information will be more visible to everyone.
  • Sell NFTs. When a user accesses the Multi-verse on your LAND, you can require the user to own a specific NFT first, and the visitor needs to purchase the NFT you publish to the market.
  • Vote. Become part of the MT WORLD DAO. LAND ownership gives you the right to speak in MT WORLD and participate in determining the future of the platform!
  • Rent. You can rent your LAND to other people. Once all LAND is sold, demand for LAND will skyrocket as more and more people discover MT WORLD and decide to publish content.
  • Sale advertising. With NFT billboards that allow you to embed links, images or videos, you can sell premium ad space on LAND. LAND's prime location will make agencies and users interested in promoting their business on your LAND.
  • self-marketing. Whether you're a writer or artist, or anyone with any product or service to sell, you can expand your reach by advertising on your own LAND.
  • Sell LAND. Another way to get rich from LANDs is to sell them, especially if they are located in high traffic areas. If you hold your LAND patiently for longer, you may make more money from a combination of the above methods.
More possibilities, looking forward to building the MT WORLD Metaverse with you!