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$MTC is not only an BEP-20 token built on the blockchain, but also the first-stage general-purpose token within MT WORLD, which is mainly used for daily transaction consumption.
There is no limit to the number of $MTC tokens that can be issued. The first $100 million $MTC tokens issued by the platform will be used to provide ongoing liquidity to trading pairs. Thereafter, digital citizens can only receive $MTC tokens within MT WORLD.
Digital citizens with $MTC can
  • Trade on the MT WORLD marketplace. It costs $MTC to purchase and lease NFT assets such as digital human shapes, equipment, and universes.
  • Spend $MTC to mint a multiverse or asset into an NFT.
  • Entering a land or universe that requires a ticket. Some tickets require $MTC to purchase.
  • Post a corresponding bounty, offering $MTC to entrust other players to craft the assets and multiverses they need.
  • Set up challenges in your own multiverse and use $MTC as a reward to attract more players to play.
  • A certain amount of $MTC is consumed when upgrading equipment.
Token distribution
90% of the $MTC tokens obtained by the platform from purchases will be burnt, with the exception of retaining a small portion of the revenue as a handling fee, the rest will be provided to referrers to reward their contributions.
Coin Minting
According to the development stage of MT WORLD and the dynamic of the number of users, the minting of $MTC tokens will be moderately increased.
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