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$MTC income task

Digital citizens can earn $MTC by completing different tasks. Each digital citizen needs to have three different pieces of equipment in order to receive the benefit task. Completing the task will consume the durability of the equipment and receive corresponding $MTC rewards. Digital citizens can send equipment for repair to restore the durability of the equipment. After a certain number of repairs, the equipment will wear out, reducing the upper limit of the equipment durability.
In the first stage of the launch of MT WORLD, we hope that every player can feel the fun of the multiverse, including rhythm lightsabers, cross-board horses, tank battles, MOBA, racing, tower defense, Xiao Xiaole, etc. The universe has everything, and you can also play online with other players. Players can play in different lands, enter the game universe connected to them, and play enough time to get $MTC and various collectibles. If you team up with other players, you can also earn more $MTC.
MT WORLD has all kinds of beautiful scenery, sometimes a journey is the biggest reward. Players can go to different lands to check in, in addition to enjoying the scenery along the way, they can also get $MTC and various collectibles.
Submit a Collection
Collectibles obtained in MT WORLD through various methods such as exchange, blind box, playing, punching cards, treasure chests, etc. can be submitted to obtain $MTC, and the rarer the collectibles, the more $MTC you can get.
MT WORLD hopes that more players will experience the creation of this multiverse world. After you invite a newcomer to join MT WORLD, each time he or the newcomer he invites completes a $MTW income task, you can get corresponding $MTC.
The journey of MT WORLD needs the company of friends. After completing the first $MTW earning task every day, players can like a friend who also completed the task on the same day, and both parties will receive $MTW.
The help of friends is indispensable in MT WORLD. The treasure chest needs to cooperate with multiple friends to open it with different constellations, and everyone can get $MTC and collectibles from it.