MT WORLD issues two tokens, $MTW (governance token) and $MTC (general token).
$MTW and $MTC are all ERC-20 tokens built on the blockchain. The difference is that $MTW is the governance token of MT WORLD, while $MTC is the general governance token of MT WORLD. Players with $MTW and $MTC can
Trade on the MT WORLD marketplace. Buy NFT assets such as digital human shapes, equipment, tokens, universes, and land.
  • Minting multiverses or assets, etc. into NFTs.
  • Buy tickets to enter a special land or universe.
  • Voting rights are exercised through the DAO.
  • Pledge liquidity mining pools or lord private mining pools to obtain passive income.
  • Post bounties and delegate other players to craft the assets and multiverses they need
  • Provide rewards for challenges set up in your own multiverse to attract more digital citizens to play.
  • Upgrade your equipment to challenge more difficult income missions and get more income.
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