LAND type


Ordinary land

Allows users to freely build content on LAND. Additionally, owning LAND means being eligible to generate content as a Multi-verse and host on LAND. Lords own private mining pools through their own land.

LAND Premium

Compared with ordinary land, LAND Premium has more advantages.
  • Location advantage. Users can roam freely in the MT WORLD Metaverse (seamless large map), while users can take supersonic vehicles to quickly reach important ESTATE stations and explore nearby LANDs. LAND Premium is distributed around the ESTATE of these important brand agencies, social centers or celebrities, which means that LAND in this area will receive higher traffic. Whether it's monetizing content creation, or renting or selling these LAND Premiums, you'll be able to earn even more. And ordinary LAND owners need to spend more energy and money to promote themselves.
  • Support users to issue their own Tokens. When you have LAND Premium, you can generate your own SubVerse from the content created by MOD and host it on LAND Premium. SubVerse supports users to publish their own Tokens on MT WORLD and have their own private domain mining pool. Trade freely on the .WORLD platform.
  • Additional benefits. The LAND Premium sold at the initial mint contains an exclusive limited number of NFTs. These NFTs will not be minted in the future, which means they will become increasingly rare. In addition, owning these exclusive NFTs will have the opportunity to participate in various reward activities of MT WORLD, please continue to pay attention to our community news.


Multiple parcels of land can be combined to form an area as a territory through leases, purchases, and alliances with friends.
  • Greater influence. An ESTATE is a combination of multiple LANDs, sized in a specific quad, such as 3x3, 6x6, 12x12, 24x24, giving users the opportunity to create landmarks. Users can combine multiple adjacent LANDs into one ESTATE, or split ESTATE into multiple LANDs. ESTATE merger and split also means merger and split of private mining pools. Lords can create better content on the land in the region and share more economic benefits. For example, it can be created for a theme to form a super city, or different content can be produced separately, so that digital citizens can experience different characteristics. In either case, the efforts of the lords can allow more players to visit and enjoy their creations, and more visits will also provide the lords with more contributions and greater benefits.
  • Token is freely traded. When you own ESTATE, you will be eligible to own your own Verse, hosted on your ESTATE. Tokens issued by users in Verse can be freely traded not only on the MT WORLD platform, but also on other external exchanges to obtain more benefits.
  • Fast and convenient transportation. MT WORLD Metaverse is a huge and seamlessly connected physical space. Most of the supersonic transportation stations provided in the Metaverse are located on each ESTATE. ESTATE, as the transportation hub of each region, will be very convenient for everyone to reach, the absolute traffic center .
In the future, adjacent ESTATES owned by multiple users will have the possibility to form DISTRICTS, which will be implemented through MT WORLD DAO voting.
Last modified 9mo ago