Buy LAND way

1.How to buy LAND on MT WORLD official website?
To purchase LAND, you need to follow the 3 steps below, it is recommended that you complete the preparation before the sale time.
1.1 Connect your MetaMask
To buy LAND, you need to connect your MetaMask wallet at MT WORLD. Your LAND purchases will be stored in this secure wallet. MetaMask is one of our partners, to use this wallet you need to install a plugin. Once installed, you will be able to connect your wallet to MT WORLD.
1.2 Get $BUSD
To buy LAND, you pay $BUSD. You can buy $BUSD on Binance or exchange $BUSD with other coins like $ETH on Uniswap, there are many ways, it is entirely up to you.
1.3 Purchase LAND on the MT WORLD metaverse map
Now that you have a digital wallet containing $BUSD, you can start buying LAND! In addition to paying the LAND fee, you also need to pay the gas (transaction fee) of the blockchain to confirm that the wallet has sufficient balance. Also, make sure you don't miss the LAND sale!
Buy LAND steps:
1. Click on the LAND you want to buy, and you'll see the location, size, price, and information about the NFT that it contains. The regular LAND is available for purchase in gray and the LAND Premium in yellow.
2. Click the "Buy Button" on the right side of the screen, and the LAND will turn red, indicating that it has been booked until the transaction is completed, the transaction is cancelled, the transaction fails, or the transaction times out.
3. Your wallet should now pop up asking you to confirm the transaction and set how much gas to use.
4. After confirming through your wallet, open the transaction. The time it takes to complete is affected by your choice of gas and blockchain congestion. After a successful transaction, the LAND will turn purple to indicate that you now own it.
2.How to buy LAND on Binance NFT?
  • Binance NFT is a third-party secondary marketplace where you can buy many NFTs, including MT WORLD LAND. You need to connect a wallet on BinanceNFT to buy LAND from there, LAND can be bought on Binance NFT in BNB etc, depending on the seller's choice.
  • You also need to connect a wallet at MT WORLD to use the purchased LAND. We recommend that you use the same wallet on both platforms to avoid paying fees when you transfer LAND from the wallet you use on Binance NFT to the wallet you use on MT WORLD.