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Recommended income

Every digital citizen who joins our MT WORLD can become a referrer, and there are no qualification requirements. Any referrer who contributes to our ecosystem is entitled to a MT WORLD reward tied to their referrer's contribution. When a new digital citizen joins MT WORLD, fill in the invitation code provided by the existing digital citizen (referrer). Referrers can share generous rewards of BNB, $MTC, and $MTW.
The specific way in which BNB and $MTW are allocated to the referrer will be determined according to the platform's operational rules. The Platform will set aside a certain amount of $MTW (the exact amount is determined by the Platform's algorithm) each month for a period of 30 days based on revenue, to reward the top 500 referrers according to their contribution.

Referral Rules

1.Valid Invitation: Have purchased a blind box on the official website with $MTC or participated in a transaction on the official market.
2.Referrer account requirements: The account has at least 1 equipped NFT (during this period, if the referrer's account is less than one equipped NFT, no referral income will be provided, but the referral relationship between the referrer and the referrer is still valid).
3.Valid invitations can add promotion points to the referrer and participate in the current month's points rankings. The invitee is valid for a total of 30 days, and if it exceeds 30 days, it will end, and the points are valid for the current month and cannot be extended. The transaction volume of each BNB of the invited users is equal to 100 points, of which the transactions in the official blind box will be converted into equivalent BNB in real time and then counted into the points.
4.Settlement rules: Settlement in monthly units. After settlement, the points at the end of the month will be cleared, and $MTW rewards will be issued on the second day of the next month.

Referral Income

1.When a referee purchases an equipment blind box on the market with $MTC tokens, 5.75% of the total transaction amount and 7% of the platform fee (4.25%) charged by the platform will be given to the referrer. For example, if a referee spends $1500 MTC on a blind box, his/her referrer will receive: $1500__5.75% + $1500__4.25%*7% = $90.7125 MTC
2.When the referee makes a purchase through mtw, 7% (4.25%) of the platform fee charged by the platform will be given to the referrer. For example: If the referrer buys a total of 3 BNB through $MTW, then his/her referrer can get: 3*4.25%*7%=0.008925 BNB
3.The Referrer will contribute Promotion Points to the Referrer for all purchases made on the Marketplace. Referrers with the top 500 referral points in the season will receive referral bonuses.
The platform fee includes the use of $MTC to purchase equipment NFT in the MT WORLD market, and the $MTW transaction on the vault, which is charged at a rate of 4.25%. The specific allocation is as follows; 1% is allocated to institutional rewards, and 2% is allocated to guild rewards . 7% will be allocated to referral income, valid for 30 days; after expiration, $MTC will be destroyed and BNB will be put into the staking pool and 70% will be allocated to the staking pool. 20% will be distributed as the platform's revenue. Note: When the recommender/institution/guild does not meet the recommendation conditions, $MTC will be burned and BNB will be put into the liquidity pool.

$MTC revenue distribution details:

  • 90% destroyed
  • 5.75% referrers
  • 4.25% platform fee

$MTW income distribution details:

  • 20% for platform revenue
  • 1% allocated to Institutional Rewards
  • 2% is allocated to guild rewards
  • 7% goes to the referrer
  • 40% Staking Pool
  • 30% burn

Promotion points

Referrer's monthly referral ranking bonus pool will be based on the definition of Promotion Points below. Promotional points are the sum of the following deals this season:
Quarterly promotion points = BNB transaction volume contributed by the referee who made the purchase transaction (BNB transaction volume = market transaction equipment + purchase of blind box + upgrade equipment, of which $MTC used to purchase blind box and upgrade costs will be converted into BNB in real time ) (All of the above data need to be calculated through valid referrals within the 30-day joining period.)
The sum of the referrer’s contribution points is: the sum of the referee’s eligible BNB trading volume, for example, if the valid trading volume is 1 BNB, it is equal to 1 point