The MT WORLD Metaverse consists of 178,438 pieces of LAND, located inside the hollow Earth.
Quantities are scarce and limited. Land is divided into ordinary land and high-quality land, and the amount in MT WORLD is limited and will not increase or decrease. It is not only one of the core assets in MT WORLD, but also an NFT on the BSC smart chain. Each piece of LAND is a physical space in the Metaverse, with a size of 64 meters (length) x 64 meters (width) x 256 meters (height), with different default landforms, which are connected to each other to form a seamless Metaverse, and users can freely in the Metaverse Walk, go from one to the other. These LANDs are entirely user-owned, and each user can own one or more LANDs, which users will receive in multiple rounds of limited sales over the next few years.
Multiple value space. Once you own a piece of land and become a lord, you can build, place assets, host content on LAND, and easily create a great experience for other digital citizens to "Connect" and earn money. Build your home in an immersive and creative way on your LAND in person or by empowering other digital citizens together, building content is as easy and fun as playing a game. You can also quickly customize and create your own game and social experience based on the content motherboard (MOD embedded mode creation, low threshold, no programming), and generate a Multi-verse to host on your LAND. LAND is a must for hosting the Multi-verse. Additionally, you can rent or sell LAND to other users who want to distribute their content.
The location is fixed and unique. In many ways, LAND in MT WORLD is very similar to real-world LAND. "Location" is very important, just like real estate, the specific location is undoubtedly very critical, it determines whether you have a good neighbor or a high-quality environment next to you. In the MT WORLD Metaverse, you can see the location coordinates of each piece of LAND. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the location is always fixed. Choose a place that everyone yearns for, you will have more traffic, and your LAND investment will be rewarded handsomely!